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Third ESWI Flu Summit

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European health care systems are among the best in the world. Yet, in Europe, the influenza disease still claims more lives than traffic accidents. Influenza is, however, a preventable disease and thus every influenza victim is one too many

To help lower the impact of influenza on public health in Europe, the European Scientific Working group on Influenza (ESWI) organizes its third Flu Summit on 2 May 2013 in Brussels.
The aim of the one-day meeting is to bring together all influenza stakeholder organizations and to provide them with a platform to discuss influenza prevention strategies, to exchange good practices and to initiate concrete actions.
EVM has provided an unrestricted grant to support the ESWI Influenza Summit. An unrestricted grant implies that EVM financially supported the Summit, but has not been involved in the preparation of the Summit in any way

The Summit will be an action-oriented event with participants including EU health authorities, healthcare professionals, organizations of at-risk patients and senior citizens, and other public and private organizations that have an interest in addressing and resolving influenza issues. An attractive account of the first edition of the ESWI Flu Summit is available here